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Council and Democracy

Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Tameside Highways Asset Management Plan11/01/2019For Determination13/02/2019
INVESTMENT IN AN NEW EARLY HELP IT SOLUTION11/01/2019For Determination13/02/2019
Tameside Local Offer to Care Leavers11/01/2019For Determination13/02/2019
BUSINESS RATES RETAIL DISCOUNT11/01/2019For Determination27/03/2019
Special Guardianship Allowance Policy11/01/2019For Determination13/02/2019
COUNCIL TAX LONG TERM EMPTY DWELLINGS11/01/2019For Determination13/02/2019
Consideration of Contracted Procurement of Electricity from Renewable Sources11/01/2019For Determination13/02/2019
Market Service - Forward Plan16/01/2019For Determination13/02/2019
Transport Interchange11/01/2019For Determination27/03/2019
Determination of School Admission Arrangements 2020/2120/12/2018For Determination23/01/2019
Establishment of Capital Allocation to Fund Statutory Compliance Works20/12/2018For Determination13/02/2019
Amendment to the Gambling Policy Statement of Principles20/12/2018For Determination27/03/2019
Clean Air Plan20/12/2018For Determination27/03/2019
Flooding - Flood Prevention and Repairs20/12/2018For Determination23/01/2019
2019/20 Revenue Budget and Five Year Financial Plan20/12/2018For Determination23/01/2019
Capital Programme and Asset Disposals Update20/12/2018For Determination27/03/2019
Open Space Review20/12/2018For Determination27/03/2019
Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment20/12/2018For Determination27/03/2019
Corporate Plan13/11/2018For Determination13/02/2019
PROPOSED INCREASE IN RECOVERY COSTS13/11/2018For Determination13/02/2019
Review of Appointee and Deputyship Service13/11/2018For Determination13/02/2019
Primary, junior and secondary school admission arrangements - determination of admission arrangements for 2020/2113/11/2018For Determination23/01/2019
Sport and Leisure Review13/11/2018For Determination23/01/2019
Economic Strategy13/11/2018For Determination23/01/2019
Manchester Airport Group Investment30/10/2018For Determination13/02/2019
Council Tax Support Scheme30/10/2018Recommmend Forward to Council28/11/2018
Business Rates Forecasts19/01/2018For Determination25/01/2018
Council Tax Base 2018-1919/01/2018For Determination25/01/2018