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Council and Democracy

Meeting documents

Carbon and Waste Reduction Panel
Thursday, 19th January, 2012

Commenced: 10.00am Time Terminated: 10.45am

Coat of ArmsPresent:

Councillors B. Holland, Beeley, Cooper, Parker-Perry, Peet, Smith and Taylor..

Officers in attendance:

Ian Saxon, Mike Gurney, Garry Parker, Alison Lloyd-Walsh and Gary Mongan.

Apologies for Absence:

Councillor Whitehead.

31. Declarations Of Interest

There were no declarations of interest to report at this meeting.

32. Minutes

The Minutes of the proceedings of this Panel held on 24 November 2011, having been circulated, were taken as read and signed by the Chair as a correct record.

33. Energy Assessment Presentation

The Panel received a presentation from Daniel Watt, Ashmount Consulting Engineers and Bill Jennings, Jennings Design Architects, who had been awarded Green Business of the Year Award, in respect of “Carbon Literacy”.

Reference was made to the following:-

  • UK First Zero Energy Business Park;
  • Free wind turbines;
  • CIBSE Low Carbon Consultants;
  • BREEAM 2011;
  • Code for Sustainable Homes;
  • Building Regulation Compliancy;
  • SMEM Calculations;
  • SAP Calculations;
  • Energy Performance Certificates.

Further details were given of the UK’s National Strategy for Climate and Energy – Five Point Plan as follows:-

  • Protecting the public from immediate risk – flood protection;
  • Preparing for the future – Changing the way we build our houses and infrastructure;
  • Limiting the severity of future climate change through a new international climate agreement – Global emissions at least 50% below 1990 levels by 2050;
  • Building a low carbon UK – Cut UK emissions by 34% by 2020 and at least 80% by 2050;
  • Supporting individuals, communities and businesses to play their part – Providing a range of support for individuals, communities and businesses.

Details were given of typical domestic building energy consumption, together with typical domestic building carbon emissions and reference was made to the Local Energy Assessment Fund, which was a new fund provided by the Department of Energy and Climate for communities in England and Wales who played an active role in the development of a low carbon society. The money was available to finance projects that increased understanding and uptake of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and assisted in making energy supply secure and affordable for everyone in the community.

He further reported that in the first round of the Local Energy Assessment Fund, 82 energy projects had been awarded funding nationally.

In respect of the second phase of funding, Tameside local community groups had been encouraged to apply, including the following:-

  • Gee Cross Methodist Church;
  • St Peter’s Partnership;
  • Indian Association;
  • Broadbottom Disabled Riding Centre;
  • Guide Bridge Theatre;
  • Mossley Amateur Dramatics;
  • Ashton-under-Lyne Hurst Community Centre;
  • Stalybridge Scouts;
  • Mossley Football Club;
  • Ashton-under-Lyne Rugby Club; and
  • Tameside Mind and Topaz Café.

Bid outcomes to be notified on 6 February 2012.


That the presentation be noted.

34. The Green Deal – Update Report

Consideration was given to a report of the Assistant Executive Director (Economic and Technical Services) detailing the implementation of the Green Deal, an integral part of the Energy Act 2011 which was seen as the Government’s flagship environmental policy aiming to retrofit 14 million homes by 2020, cut carbon emissions in housing by 29% and generate 250,000 jobs. The Green Deal would be officially launched in October 2012 and was currently in its consultation phase.

Details were given of the following:-

  • How would the Green Deal work for customers;
  • Who would be involved in delivering the Green Deal;
  • Taking the deal forward in Greater Manchester, and
  • Taking the deal forward in Tameside.

That the report be noted.

35. Stalybridge Civic Hall Solar Photovoltaic Scheme

Consideration was given to a report of the Assistant Executive Director (Environmental Services) detailing a review of the previous scheme as a result of the reduction in the size of the scheme requested by the planners and a proposal by the Government to reduce Feed-in Tariff rates which the scheme relied upon for its financial viability.

It was reported that planning permission and Listed Building Consent for the photovoltaic panel installation proposal had been granted on 28 November 2011 for a reduced scheme of 27kW and that it was now necessary to review the proposed scheme, with a key decision being taken on 31 January 2012.

Members were reminded that the original scheme was approximately £170,000 and the scheme would make approximately £416,000 over the 25 year period. The cost of the revised smaller scheme would be approximately £70,000 with a return on in investment in 5 years of approximately £276,000 over the 25 year period. Full financial details were detailed at Appendix 1.

Reference was made to the following:-

  • Feed-in Tariffs and its proposed changes;
  • The size of the Stalybridge project;
  • How the changes affected the Stalybridge Civic Hall project;
  • Procurement; and
  • Risks.

That the report be noted and the scheme be proceeded.

36. Recycling Performance Update 2011/12

Consideration was given to a report of the Assistant Executive Director (Environmental Services) detailing the Council’s recycling performance to date during 2011/12 and the proposed service redesign changes that would release the efficiency from within the service, thus maximising the recycling and minimising the carbon emissions associated with processing the contents of the black bins.

It was reported that 37.55% of all waste collected up to quarter 3 had been diverted away from landfill and recycled and that during the winter months it was expected to see a significant drop in the amount of garden waste that was presented for collection.

With regard to the service developments it was reported that the frequency of blue and brown bins were to increase, that funding for improving the service to ensure 100% coverage of food waste collection in the borough was undertaken, a more efficient service producing a recycling rate in excess of 40%, moving towards 50%+ in 2014/15, trials had been undertaken to modify the vehicles so as to reduce fuel use in the refuse collection fleet, review of the frequency of the lifting equipment and a trial for using Dynamic Throttle Body retro fit system.

Particular reference was given to the effects of recycling performance on carbon emissions and it was reported that all recyclable material collected during 2010/11 generated a total of 32,165,438 kilograms of CO2 emissions and this meant that the Council had saved 20,060,862 kilograms of CO2 emissions over the material life cycle.

Furthermore, he explained that by diverting more of the recyclable material from the landfill waste stream the Council could make further carbon savings and the most recent waste compositional analysis suggested that 40.6% of all waste collected in the black bins was organic waste and a further 20.8% of that was paper and cardboard.

In conclusion, he reported that the amount of waste the Council was diverting from landfill was increasing and this meant that the carbon emissions for Tameside were decreasing and it was -

That the report be noted and that the proposed service redesign changes that would release the efficiencies from within the service be recognised.

37. Dates of Future Meetings

It was noted that the Carbon Reduction Panel would meet on 15 March 2012 commencing at 10.00am.

38. Urgent Items

a) Broadbottom Recycling Facility

Councillor Cooper referred to the recycling facility at Broadbottom and expressed her concern that this had not been installed. The Assistant Executive Director – Environmental Services informed the Panel that the contract between the Council and Network Rail in respect of the land had now been signed and the recycling facility would be installed by the end of the week.

b) Climate Week/Earth Hour

The Head of Environmental Operations reported that Climate Week would take place between 12 - 19 March 2012 and Earth Hour would take place on 31 March 2012.