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Council and Democracy

Meeting documents

Carbon and Waste Reduction Panel
Thursday, 12th September, 2013

Commenced: 10.00am     Time Terminated: 11.20am

Coat of ArmsPresent:

Councillor B Holland (Chair)
Councillors Buckley, Cooper, Jackson, Peet and Whitehead

Alison Lloyd-Walsh – Head of Environmental Development, James Mallion – Environmental Strategy Officer, Garry Parker – Head of Environmental Services (Waste Services), Keith Davy – Assistant Borough Solicitor, Legal Services, Darrell Beck – Marketing and Communications Officer, Sam Pickles – Environment Manager, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service.

Apologies for Absence:

Councillors; Piddington, Shember-Critchley and Taylor

12. Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest to report at this meeting.

13. Minutes

The Minutes of the proceedings of this Panel held on 4 July 2013, having been circulated, were taken as read and signed by the Chair as a correct record.

14. Carbon Reduction in the Fire Service

The Chair introduced Sam Pickles, Environment Manager, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, who attended before Members to give a presentation with regard to the Service’s sustainability strategy and the promotion of sustainable behaviours.

He explained that the Service had a network of more than 100 staff environmental ‘Champions’ in sites and stations across Greater Manchester. The champions were volunteers who raised awareness of sustainability and environmental issues and had been responsible for a huge range of successful local projects.

To support the local environmental champions, partnerships had been formed with other Fire and Rescue Services in the North West to develop an ‘Environmental Champion’s Handbook’. The handbook provided guidance, tips, case studies, checklists and tools to reduce the environmental impact of activities on each site.

Details were also given of the Green Hose Awards, a competition introduced across stations which involved the completion of a list of 60 practical actions that could be taken to reduce collective environmental impact. Each action completed was given a score between 1 and 100 based on how much it benefited the environment or community. A self assessment website was used to record progress over the course of the year and awards given for top performing stations.
Discussion ensued with regard to the above and the Chair thanked Mr Pickles for a very interesting and informative presentation.

That the content of the presentation be noted.


15. Introduction to Carbon Literacy

The Head of Environmental Development delivered a presentation which raised awareness of and sought Members views with regard to, measuring carbon literacy in Tameside.

She made reference to Cooler Projects, a Community Interest Company who aspired to deliver Carbon Literacy training to all individuals who lived, worked or studied in the Greater Manchester area and they had developed a standard by which this could be measured.

The Head of Environmental Development further informed the Panel of the next steps for further awareness, which included;

  • Engaging staff/members in a training programme;
  • Approaching other Tameside organisations about Carbon Literacy (e.g.  Housing Associations, businesses, schools); and
  • Investigate the possibility of working with Cooler to roll out across Tameside.

Detailed discussion ensued and it was;

That the content of the presentation be noted and the possibility of joint working with other Tameside organisations with a view to raising awareness of carbon costs and the impact of everyday activities and reducing emissions, be explored.

16. Eco Scheme Update Briefing

James Mallion, Environmental Strategy Officer, updated Members with progress to date on the ‘Get me Toasty’ scheme.

He explained that there had been some promotion in the summer months, however the main marketing campaign began at the start of September.

The statistics up to the 2 September 2013 were reported as follows:

  • 27 boiler installations carried out;
  • 4 boiler installations pending; and
  • 31 insulation surveys booked.

Activities going forward were detailed as follows:

  • Continued marketing push throughout the winter months;
  • Dyson supporting several events across the Borough;
  • Engagement with supermarkets, Tameside Radio, local community organisations and groups; and
  • Wider Greater Manchester marketing activity (mail out and paid advertising).

 Councillor Jackson suggested that flyers/leaflets be circulated to Members for them to distribute to community groups also.

That the content of the presentation be noted.

17. Waste Services Update

Consideration was given to a presentation of the Head of Environmental Services – Waste Services, which gave details of advertising options/current campaigns for the promotion of recycling.

It was reported that recycling rates were up to 45% in quarter 2 of 2013/14 and there had been an increase in brown bin tonnage. It was further reported that caddy liners were due for delivery in October and would be delivered by crews on collection day.

Further details were also given of exploring more efficient ways of working such as; process mapping and in-cab technology.

He concluded by reiterating ‘Good News’ headlines as follows:

  • 45% recycling rate;
  • Rebate position on the levy;
  • Complaints/contacts about waste were down;
  • Tonnages were up for desired material (except paper); and
  • Landfill was down, therefore carbon expended in the collection and processing of waste was down and shrinking.

The Chair thanked the Head of Waste Services for a very positive report.

He sought further information with regard to the proposed visit for Panel Members to the Runcorn based recycling facility (Meeting of the Carbon and Waste Reduction Panel held on 4 July 2013, Minute 5 refers). The Head of Waste Services agreed to arrange for the visit to take place before the end of the year.

That the content of the presentation be noted.


18. Council Carbon Emissions Update

James Mallion, Environmental Strategy Officer, presented details of the Greenhouse Gas report, an annual requirement for all Local Authorities (non-statutory), which covered gas and electricity usage for all buildings, street lighting and fleet vehicles. An overall reduction of 17% on baseline was reported, despite a slight increase in 2012/13 due to the prolonged winter.

He also gave an update with regard to Carbon Reduction Commitment, a UK wide trading scheme ran by the Environment Agency. Participants had to report energy consumption annually. This was used to calculate the amount of CO2 produced by the organisation. To offset these CO2 emissions each participant must purchase and surrender allowances. One allowance must be surrendered for each tonne of CO2. The current allowance price was £12 per tonne of CO2.

TMBC’s emissions for 2012/13 were:

CO2 = 19,483 tonnes Cost = £233,820

This was higher than last year’s figure of 16,830 (£201,960) due to:

  • Mainly change in regulations (previously 90% of emissions, now 100%); and
  • Slight emissions increase (as seen with GHG emissions).

That the content of the presentation be noted.

19. Hydro Scheme Potential in Tameside

Further to discussion at the last meeting of the Panel (Meeting of 4 July 2013, Minute 2(a) refers, James Mallion, Environmental Strategy Officer, updated the Panel with regard to options available for locating a water wheel in the Broadbottom area.

He reported that Greenwave Energy UK had produced a nymph which was much smaller and easier to install than the turbine available when the scheme was originally considered and he sought the Panel’s agreement to further investigate the feasibility of this option.

That agreement be given for further investigation of the feasibility of the hydro scheme, as detailed above.

20. Wind Scheme Potential

The Head of Environmental Development made reference to the Greater Manchester Energy Plan and explored the idea of the introduction of wind turbines to produce renewable energy.

She outlined two options available:

  • A scheme as part of AGMA; or
  • A Tameside only venture.

The Head of Environmental Development explained that she had been in contact with ASC Renewables, who had worked with other local authorities and who had been invited to deliver a presentation to the next meeting of the Panel, with regard to the above options.

21. Dates of Future Meetings

It was noted that the Carbon and Waste Reduction Panel would meet on the following dates, all meetings commencing at 10.00am:-

21 November 2013
16 January 2014
13 March 2014.

22. Urgent Items

There were no urgent items for consideration at this meeting.