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Council and Democracy

Meeting documents

Carbon and Waste Reduction Panel
Thursday, 21st November, 2013

Commenced: 10.00am Time Terminated: 11.15am

Coat of ArmsPresent:

Councillor B Holland (Chair)
Councillors Buckley, Cooper, Jackson, Peet, Piddington and Whitehead

Officers in Attendance:

Alison Lloyd-Walsh – Head of Environmental Development, James Mallion – Environmental Strategy Officer, Garry Parker – Head of Environmental Services (Waste Services), Bill Jennings, JDA Design, Denton

Apologies for Absence:

Councillor Shember-Critchley

23. Declarations Of Interest

There were no declarations of interest to report at this meeting.

24. Minutes

The Minutes of the proceedings of this Panel held on 12 September 2013, having been circulated, were taken as read and signed by the Chair as a correct record.

25. Low Carbon Construction

Bill Jennings of JDA Design in Denton attended the meeting and gave a presentation with regard to the design and construction of low carbon buildings.

Reference was made for plans to demolish the existing Tameside Council Offices in the near future and Mr Jennings outlined a number of design and construction opportunities to reduce carbon costs emissions and the impact of a new build on the environment.

He explained the need for an understanding of how a building worked and the importance of low carbon development and the principles of low carbon design.

The following areas of consideration were also discussed:

  • Understanding energy use;
  • Insulation and controlled ventilation;
  • Form and fabric of the building; and
  • Recyclable materials from existing building.

The need for consideration of the ‘wider picture’ i.e. transport solutions and the promotion of the use of bicycles and electric cars was also explored and discussed.

The Chair thanked Mr Jennings for a very informative presentation.

Wide ranging discussion then ensued with regard to the issues raised in the presentation and it was:


  1. That the content of the presentation be noted; and
  2. That the appointed architects for the new public service centre build be invited to make a presentation to a future meeting of the Panel.

26. Eco Scheme Update Briefing

James Mallion, Environmental Strategy Officer, updated Members with progress to date on the ‘Get me Toasty’ scheme.

The statistics to date were reported as follows:

  • 341 referrals for boiler installations/insulations;
  • 69 boiler and installations/insulations carried out;
  • 20 boiler installations/insulations pending.

Activities going forward were detailed as follows:

  • Engagement with supermarkets, Tameside Radio, local community organisations and groups; and
  • Awareness raising sessions with community groups.

Mr Mallion thanked Members for their assistance with the distribution of advertising material and raising awareness locally of the scheme.

Members sought clarification with regard to the relatively low take-up of the scheme and the possible reasons for this.

It was explained that not everyone was eligible and that benefit recipients had been targeted as part of the campaign, however it was generally felt that the market had been saturated with many companies offering a similar service. There was also some suspicion with regard to ‘bogus callers’.

The Environmental Strategy officer added that the target was 1000 installations in the year, however it was unlikely that this would be met.

Members also sought information with regard to warranties for any work carried out and it was explained that mandatory manufacturers’ guarantees were in place and that any complaints should be directed to Trading Standards.


That the content of the presentation be noted.

27. Waste Services Update

Consideration was given to a presentation of the Head of Waste Services, which gave details of the impact of increasing levy’s on the amount of waste currently sent to landfill and the need to reduce this.

It was reported that the North West’s best performing authorities were recycling almost 70% of their waste. Tameside was currently recycling 45% of all waste collected. The model used by the best performing authorities included a 140 litre bin for residual domestic waste; Tameside currently had a mix of 240 litre bins and 180 litre bins across the Borough.

The Head of Waste Services explained that a number of options had been considered in order to improve recycling rates and it had been decided that a ‘Bin Swap’ would be the most appropriate with low set up costs with the overall disposal capacity remaining the same; with less landfill opportunity and more recycling capacity.

Four pilot areas had been identified to trial the ‘Bin Swap’ with a launch date of 18 November 2013. It was reported that it appeared to be working well with fewer complaints than expected, to date.

It was further explained that the pilot scheme would run for a 6 month period, when the results would be presented to the Council’s Executive.

Discussion ensued with regard to the pilot scheme and the requirement to reduce excess packaging and the need to pressure supermarkets to reduce this.

Concerns were also raised with regard to a supermarket car park in the Hyde area, where the car park appeared to be fully lit throughout the day and night.

The Head of Environmental Development agreed to write to the supermarket concerned in respect of this matter.


That the content of the presentation be noted.

28. Dates Of Future Meetings

It was noted that the Carbon and Waste Reduction Panel would meet on the following dates, all meetings commencing at 10.00am:-

16 January 2014
13 March 2014

29. Urgent Items

There were no urgent items for consideration at this meeting.