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Council and Democracy

Meeting documents

Carbon and Waste Reduction Panel
Thursday, 11th September, 2014

Commenced: 10.00am Time Terminated: 11.20am

Coat of ArmsPresent:

Councillor B Holland (Chair)
Councillors D Buckley, Drennan, Jackson, Peet, Piddington, Kinsey, Ryan and Whitehead

Officers in Attendance:

Alison Lloyd-Walsh – Head of Environmental Development, Garry Parker – Head of Waste Services and Darrell Beck – Marketing and Communications Officer.

Apologies for Absence:

Councillors Cooper, Taylor and Drennan

13. Declarations Of Interest

There were no declarations of interest to report at this meeting.

14. Minutes

The Minutes of the proceedings of this Panel held on 3 July 2014, having been circulated, were taken as read and signed by the Chair as a correct record.

15. Role And Remit Of The Panel

The Head of Environmental Development delivered a presentation, which reminded Members of the role and remit of the Panel.

She outlined the 4 main objectives of the Panel as follows:

  • Reduce carbon emissions across Tameside;
  • Carbon Literacy education;
  • Preparation for a rapidly changing climate; and
  • Support the transition to a low carbon economy across Tameside.

The Head of Environmental Development explained that the Panel monitored Council activities to reduce energy consumption and the related carbon emissions and reduction of waste. This ranged from initiatives to encourage behaviour change, to larger schemes and projects to cut carbon.

It was reiterated that energy conservation was a key priority for Tameside Council. This reaffirmed the Council's commitment to reduce its energy use, which would help mitigate global warming and the effects of climate change at a local level.


That the content of the presentation be noted.

16. Green Deal Communities Update

The Head of Environmental Development updated the Panel on Greater Manchester’s Green Deal Campaign – Little Bill.

It was reported to the last meeting of the Panel (Minute 5 refers) that Greater Manchester had successfully secured funding from the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC), to deliver 200 retrofitted homes across Greater Manchester by April 2015 as well as 30 demonstration homes in selected areas across Greater Manchester. The three areas chosen to focus this work in Tameside were: Mossley, Hyde Godley/Werneth and Denton West. It was further reported that officers were working with partner agencies to ensure that properties in these areas could access the funding.


That further updates be reported to future meetings of the Panel.

17. Electric Vehicles

The Head of Environmental Development informed the Panel that the Council had purchased an electric vehicle, which was now part of the pool of vehicles used by Environmental Services staff.

The Chair and Members welcomed this addition to the fleet of Council vehicles.

18. Greater Manchester Wind Project

Further to a report submitted to the last meeting of the Panel (Meeting of 3 July 2014, Minute 8 refers), with regard to a wind power feasibility study in the Borough, the Head of Environmental Development explained that a list of potential Council owned sites within Tameside had been identified. Each site would, however, require a more in-depth survey, which would incur a cost to progress.

Discussion ensued with regard to the above and it was:


That further information be submitted to a future meeting of the Panel, in order to consider the feasibility of progressing the work undertaken to date.

19. Update On New Public Service Centre

The Head of Environmental Development updated Members with regard to progress of the new public service centre building.

The Chair announced that he would be meeting with the Executive Leader of the Council and the MP for Stalybridge and Hyde and Shadow Climate Change Minister, Jonathan Reynolds, in October 2014 to discuss the project and that he would report further on this at the next meeting of Panel.

The Head of Environmental Development added that the decant of staff from the TAC building had begun and was due to be complete by April 2015.


That the content of the presentation be noted.

20. Waste Services Update

The Head of Waste Services reported that, across the Borough, 45% recycling rates were being achieved, which compared well with other authorities.

He made reference to the success of the ‘Bin Swap’ scheme in the four pilot areas and the options available to further improve recycling rates and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

The Head of Waste Services added that a full evaluation of the pilot bin swap scheme was underway and all options were currently being considered and he would report progress to future meetings of the Panel.


That the content of the presentation be noted.

21. Dates Of Future Meetings

It was noted that the Carbon and Waste Reduction Panel would next meet on Thursday 20 November 2014 at 10.00am.

22. Urgent Items

There were no urgent items for consideration at this meeting.