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Council and Democracy

Meeting documents

Carbon and Waste Reduction Panel
Thursday, 10th September, 2015

Commenced: 10.00am Time Terminated: 10.55am

Coat of ArmsPresent:

Councillor B Holland (Chair)
Councillors Kinsey, Patrick (part meeting), Peet, Ryan and Taylor.

Officers in Attendance:

Ian Saxon – Assistant Executive Director, Environmental Services; Alison Lloyd-Walsh – Head of Environmental Development; Christina Morton – Environmental Development Officer and Darrell Beck – Marketing and Communications Officer.

Apologies for Absence:

Councillors Cooper and Drennan.

9. Declarations Of Interest

There were no declarations of interest to report at this meeting.

10. Minutes

The Minutes of the proceedings of this Panel held on 2 July 2015, having been circulated, were taken as read and signed by the Chair as a correct record.

11. National Local and Local Low Carbon Policy Update

The Head of Environmental Development updated Members with regard to recent Government announcements, which would impact on a number of key policies and instruments that had supported energy efficiency and renewable generation in the UK, as follows:

• Consultation on Feed in Tariff – Pre-Accreditation Removal;
• Closure of the ‘Green Deal’ scheme;
• Consultation on Solar Subsidy;
• Removal of Biomass Subsidy;
• Uncertainty with regard to ‘Zero Carbon Homes Target’;
• Allowable Solutions will cease.

It was further reported that the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced in his budget on 8 July 2015 that he was removing the exemption from the Climate Change Levy for renewable-sourced electricity supplied to business or public sector consumers under the terms of a renewable source contract. The change was set to come into force for renewables electricity generated on or after 1 August 2015.

The Head of Environmental Development informed the Panel that areas of the North West, Yorkshire and East Midlands had been opened up for fracking and local authorities had been given a 16 week decision period on planning applications. Communities would be informed, but decisions for fracking would be with Councils. Details were also given of the only shale gas company to commence fracking in the UK. They had identified 8 sites in Lancashire, two of which had been rejected by Lancashire County Council. This was currently the subject of an appeal.

Discussion ensued with regard to plans for a Northern Powerhouse and Locally Led Low Carbon investment, one of a number of proposals that were being submitted to government for consideration in the autumn spending review.

That the content of the presentation be noted.

12. Solar Options

Further to information presented to the last meeting of the Panel (meeting of 2 July 2015, Minute 3 refers), with regard to the development of a feasibility study into the installation of solar PV on Council owned buildings, the Head of Environmental Development explained that work was still ongoing in regard to a possible AGMA wide procurement project that would provide a greater ‘buying’ power across seven authorities.

That the information presented be noted.

13. Sustainable Building Pledge

Further to the presentation delivered to the last meeting of the Panel (meeting of 2 July 2015, Minute 4 refers), in respect of the promotion of low carbon new build across the Borough, it was explained that this was to be incorporated into a wider initiative in regard to the sale of Council land and expectations on developers/partnerships.

That the information presented be noted.

14. Update on Green Deal Communities Project

The Head of Environmental Development provided an update with regard to the Green Deal Communities project, as follows:

A total of 80 households in Tameside had signed up for external wall insulation, with 18 properties being completed to date and 62 ‘sign up’s’ underway/awaiting installation. It was hoped to complete all installs by the end of September.

It was further reported that approximately £500,000 of funding had been leveraged into the Borough through Little Bill Communities Scheme.

The Head of Environmental Development explained that the Department of Energy and Climate Change had announced that the Green Deal scheme would continue to run as normal until March 2017 and that the future of the scheme from 2017 onwards would be part of discussions around a new, better integrated policy for home energy efficiency. Some Local Authorities that were awarded funding through Little Bill Communities had not been able to deliver and therefore spend their allocation and it was reported that the Department of Energy and Climate Change would make a decision on whether these funds could be distributed amongst the better performing Local Authorities after the Autumn Spending Review.

With regard to the future of Domestic Retrofit and Fuel Poverty Work, it was explained that Greater Manchester had set a challenging 48% carbon reduction target by 2020. Achieving this target could prevent an estimated £1bn leaving the Greater Manchester economy in energy costs per year by 2020.

That the content of the presentation be noted.

15. Waste Services Update

The Head of Waste Services, updated the Panel with regard to the ‘Bin Swap’ scheme launched on 18 November 2013 with 4000 properties, which was expanded to a further 26,500 properties in January 2015.

The Scheme had proved to be very successful with a 25% overall reduction of waste being sent to landfill, which equated to a potential saving of £3 million per annum.

It was reported that the scheme had now been rolled out to the remaining 70,000 households in the borough with the first week of borough wide collections currently taking place.

Panel Members were informed that contact with the call centre had increased by 300% at it’s peak and 20 additional staff had been supporting the collection teams.

The impact of the tonnage of landfill avoided and recyclate captured was currently being measured.

The Chair and Members of the Panel commended the Head of Waste Services and his team for all their hard work rolling out the scheme.

Information was also given with regard to Ineos Chlor, the energy-from-waste facility in Runcorn, Cheshire. The 100MW combined heat and power plant incinerated non-recyclable waste from a number of authorities in the North West including AGMA and the energy generated was used to power Ineos’ plant.

Discussion ensued with regard to the plant’s operation and it was agreed that a visit to the facility be arranged for Panel Members.

(i) That the content of the presentation be noted; and
(ii) That a visit to the Ineos Chlor, energy-from-waste facility in Runcorn, Cheshire, be arranged for Panel Members.

16. Dates of Future Meetings

It was noted that the Carbon and Waste Reduction Panel would meet as follows, commencing at 10.00am:

19 November 2015
14 January 2016
17 March 2016

17. Urgent Items

There were no urgent items for consideration at this meeting.