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Council and Democracy

Meeting documents

Carbon and Waste Reduction Panel
Thursday, 15th January, 2015

Carbon and Waste Reduction Panel

Minutes of the Meeting held on 20 November 2014

Time Commenced: 10.00am Time Terminated: 11.20am

Coat of ArmsPresent:

Councillor B Holland (Chair)
Councillors Cooper, Drennan, Kinsey, Peet, Piddington, Taylor and Whitehead

Officers in Attendance:

Alison Lloyd-Walsh – Head of Environmental Development, Garry Parker – Head of Waste Services, Christina Sexton – Environmental Development Officer, Darrell Beck – Marketing and Communications Officer, Elaine Todd – Assistant Executive Director, Asset and Investment Partnership Management.

Apologies for Absence:

Councillors Jackson and Ryan.

23. Declarations Of Interest

There were no declarations of interest to report at this meeting.

24. Minutes

The Minutes of the proceedings of this Panel held on 11 September 2014, having been circulated, were taken as read and signed by the Chair as a correct record.

25. New Public Service Centre Building

The Assistant Executive Director, Asset and Investment Partnership Management, updated Members with regard to the progress of the Vision Tameside Phase 2 project to date. She explained that, following the key decision taken on 22 October 2014, revised costs for Phase 2 were currently being compiled and a report would be submitted to the December 2014 meeting of Executive Board. She further explained that there were essentially two contracts; one for the demolition of the existing building and one for the erection of the new build.

The Assistant Executive Director further reported that a bid for SFA funding with Tameside College was currently being progressed.

Ian Kennedy and Mark Clasper, Ryders Architects, then attended before Members and delivered a presentation detailing an overview of proposals for the building to date, including concept and design development and low carbon and sustainable design principals.

Building layout/floor plans, links to public space and building orientation were detailed and discussed, including the plans for the listed Town Hall building.

Mr Kennedy further gave details of the BREEAM assessment, an international method and rating system for buildings. The scheme evaluated a range of aspects of a system such as: energy, management, materials, land ecology, innovation, waste, health, pollution, transport and water. Assessors awarded performance credits around these categories, the credits were then added together to produce a single overall score. The building was then awarded a percentage and rating.

The designs had been awarded a ‘Very Good’ under the BREEAM 2014 rating and there would be a ‘wish list’ produced to give further opportunity to improve the rating for the final build. The final BREEAM rating and certification would be given following a post construction assessment.

John Walker and Rebecca Dagnall of Hannan Associates then presented before Members and gave information in respect of the proposed internal environment of the building.

It was reported that the Council was aspiring to an Energy Performance Rating of B for the new building, however, as with the BREEAM rating, a ‘wish list’ would be produced to give further opportunity to improve the rating.

Mr Walker outlined key issues for consideration as follows:

  • There would be a wide variety of spaces with different requirements;
  • The location of the building – close to a busy road, train and bus stations; and
  • The need for flexibility to accommodate change.

The options considered for the control of the internal environment were outlined and the suitability of mechanical systems over natural ventilation and cooling systems, were detailed and discussed.

It was explained that a three dimensional thermodynamic model would be used to support the process, in order to determine the optimum specification for the building envelope to balance good daylight and summer/winter energy consumption. It was further explained that the insulation levels, glass to solid proportions, glass specification and air tightness would be derived from the model.

Discussion ensued with regard to the above and Members sought further information with regard to:

  • Rainwater recycling;
  • Use of Photovoltaic panels; and
  • Recycling of materials from the existing building.

The Assistant Executive Director, Asset and Investment Partnership Management, concluded by explaining that the proposals for the project would be submitted to the Executive Board in December 2014 and that progress would be reported to the Panel in the New Year.

The Chair thanked Ryders Architects and Hannan Associates for a very informative presentation.

26. Dates of Future Meetings

It was noted that the Carbon and Waste Reduction Panel would next meet on Thursday 15 January 2015 at 10.00am.

27. Urgent Items

There were no urgent items for consideration at this meeting.