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Council and Democracy

Issue - meetings

Aims of the Panel and Future Plans

Meeting: 28/06/2018 - Environment and Climate Emergency Working Group (Item 3)

Aims of the Panel and Future Plans

The Panel to receive a presentation from the Director of Operations and Neighbourhoods.


The Head of Environmental Development provided a brief overview of the aims and objectives of the Panel for the benefit of the new Members.


The Panel had been in place for 7 years and was responsible for overseeing a wide range of activity connected to the low carbon and sustainability agendas.  The Panel could make recommendations to the relevant Executive Member and the minutes were sent to Executive Cabinet.


Tameside, as a borough, worked very closely with the central Greater Manchester Combined Authority team and other districts and the local objectives were directed by the Greater Manchester Climate Change and Low Emission Strategy and Implementation Plan.


During its lifetime the Panel had considered a variety of projects ranging from bin swap through to district heat networks and had supported very successful initiatives focussed on domestic retrofit and supplier switching.



That the information provided be noted.