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Council and Democracy

Issue - meetings

Local Green Summit

Meeting: 28/06/2018 - Carbon and Waste Reduction Panel (Item 4)

Local Green Summit

The Panel to receive an update from the Head of Environmental Development.


The Head of Environmental Development provided an update on the Local Green Summit.


She began by outlining the global action that had been taken to tackle climate change, including:-


·         United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (1992)

·         The Kyoto Protocol (2009-2012 and 2013-2020)

·         Paris Agreement (2016-2020)


This had led to the UK adopting the Climate Change Act (2008), a 25 Year Environment Plan and Clean Growth Strategy.  At a local level, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority had introduced a Climate Change and Low Emissions Strategy (2016-2020) which aimed to cut carbon emissions by 48% by 2020, grow a low carbon economy, embed low carbon behaviours and achieve air quality standards.  The priority areas of the strategy were highlighted and included buildings, energy, transport, climate resilience, natural capita, sustainable consumption and production and sector and skills.


The Environmental Development Officer gave an update on the Greater Manchester Green Summit, which was held on 21 March 2018 at Manchester Central Convention Centre.  The Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham, had announced plans to make the city region one of the greenest in Europe and the Green Summit was used to discuss how to accelerate the ambition and bring forward the date for Greater Manchester to achieve carbon neutrality to 2038.  A further Greater Manchester Green Summit was planned for March 2019.


Tameside had hosted a Green Summit Listening Event on 22 February 2018 for residents in order to obtain local views.  A springboard report would now be produced, which set out the aspirations and process for delivering a more sustainable and carbon neutral city region.  Officer meetings had been held and an information gathering exercise was underway to map current sustainability projects and generate ideas for improvements.  Members of the Panel were asked to provide their views.



That the information provided be noted.