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Council and Democracy

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Refill Scheme

Meeting: 28/06/2018 - Carbon and Waste Reduction Panel (Item 5)

Refill Scheme

The Panel to receive a presentation from the Head of Operations and Neighbourhoods (Waste Management).


The Head of Operations and Neighbourhoods (Waste Management) gave a presentation on the Refill Scheme, which aimed to reduce single-use plastic bottle pollution and promote healthy lifestyles by improving access to free drinking water in towns and cities across the UK.


The scheme worked by promoting free tap water refill points in cafes, shops, businesses and transport hubs by displaying a sticker and posters.  It utilised a map showing the refill points, which was updated and monitored by participants of the scheme, and an app was currently under development, which would incentivise, promote and reward users of the scheme.  The scheme would also support the local economy by increasing footfall in town centres.


The next step was to encourage businesses to sign-up to the scheme and to market the scheme through the press and social media.


Members suggested that officers approach Active Tameside and it would be beneficial to pilot the scheme in a town before rolling it out across the borough.  A discussion ensued around a motion to be submitted to full Council on single use plastics.



That the content of the presentation be noted.