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Waste Update

Meeting: 28/06/2018 - Carbon and Waste Reduction Panel (Item 7)

Waste Update

The Panel to receive an update from the Head of Operations and Neighbourhoods (Waste Management).


The Head of Operations and Neighbourhoods (Waste Management) provided an update on waste services. 


The Panel were provided with waste statistics for May 2018, as follows:-


·         Co-mingled Waste                  =          1090 tonnes

·         Paper and Card                      =          666 tonnes

·         Food and Garden Waste        =          2601 tonnes

·         Household Waste                    =          2620 tonnes


This equated to a recycling rate of 62.4%.  The Panel were informed that there were seasonal fluctuations therefore the team were anticipating an annual recycling rate of 58%, which was above the national target of 50%.  10.8 tonnes of waste had been fly tipped across the borough during May 2018.


With regard to the Waste PFI, six of elven companies had successfully progressed through the first part of the tendering exercise and had been separated into three lots.


Current issues were discussed with the Panel including single use plastics, waste hierarchy (reduce, reuse, recycle), the need for engagement with retailers and supermarkets to reduce or remove plastic packaging, resident education and the contamination of recycling bins.  With regards to the waste hierarchy Members suggested that the first action should be to refuse plastic packaging and to put pressure on shops be leaving excess plastic packaging at the store for them to dispose of.  In relation to this point Members were notified that Morrison’s supermarket had re-introduced paper bags for their loose fruit and vegetables and customers could utilise their own Tupperware for fresh meat and fish and be rewarded with loyalty points.



That the information provided be noted.