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Council and Democracy

Agenda and minutes

Venue: George Hatton Hall - Dukinfield Town Hall. View directions

Contact: Charlotte Forrest, Senior Democratic Services Officer on 0161 342 2346 or Email: charlotte.forrest@tameside.gov.uk 

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Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of interest from Members of the Panel.


There were no declarations of interest.


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The Minutes of the meeting of the Carbon and Waste Reduction Panel held on 16 March 2017 to be signed by the Chair as a correct record.


The Minutes of the proceedings of the Carbon and Waste Reduction Panel held on 16 March 2017 were agreed and signed by the Chair as a correct record.


Local Energy Advice Programme

The Panel to receive a presentation from the Environmental Strategy Officer.


The Environmental Development Officer gave a presentation on the Local Energy Advice Programme.


The Panel were advised that the Local Energy Advice Programmewas a scheme that helped fuel poor and vulnerable households by providing help, advice and support around energy efficiency in the home.  The Council and other partners could refer vulnerable residents into the scheme as well as self-referral by individuals.  A Home Energy Advisor undertook a home visit to carry out a thorough assessment of the home, which included:-


·         Installing a range of energy saving measures such as radiator panels, LED light bulbs and draught proofing.

·         Providing energy efficient advice and training on the use of heating controllers.

·         Organising the installation of a new heating controller (if necessary).

·         Identifying larger energy efficiency measures.

·         Looking at the potential for savings from switching energy supplier.


The Advisor could refer the individual for financial assistance, if required, to undertake a comprehensive review of the household’s finances and circumstances to see if extra income could be accessed, identify any bill reductions and provide debt advice.  The Advisor could also refer to any applicable local schemes that would benefit the resident.


The eligibility criteria was outlined and the Panel was shown a flow diagram demonstrating the referral process.


Tameside Council had been chosen as the pilot area across Greater Manchester for the scheme.  Since the commencement of the scheme on 4 April 2017, 106 referrals had been made with 31 applications completed by 21 June 2017.  The savings for residents amounted to over £54,000 in total.


A variety of engagement had taken place including a training session, a press release, working with New Charter and the Fire Service, a referrer event at Hyde Town Hall, an information stand at Ashton Market Hall and leaflet drops.  Councillors offered their assistance by notifying residents of the scheme and helping with future leaflet distributions.



That the content of the presentation be noted.


Green Travel

The Panel to receive a presentation from the Assistant Executive Director of Environmental Services.


The Sustainable Travel Officer updated the Panel on Green Travel within the Borough.


He explained that Designated Funds Schemes were available through Highways England to improve cycling infrastructure on the strategic road network across England in order to provide safe, direct and attractive routes linking cycle networks to the road network.  The funding would address barriers to cycling and help to support other Council initiatives towards cycling in Tameside.


The benefits of the scheme were outlined and included a reduction in pollution and congestion, improved health for residents, a reduction in healthcare costs and various economic benefits for the Borough. 


The Council secured funding in March 2017 and since that date six schemes had been submitted with four selected for further investigation and design:-


1.    Hyde town centre to Newton station

2.    Mottram Rise links and Harrop Edge Road

3.    Hattersley roundabout to Mottram

4.    Mottram to Hollingworth link


A map detailing the full planed route was distributed and explained to the Panel.  If the four schemes were achieved as planned over 12.5km of cycle infrastructure would be created in the Borough providing a safe route running parallel to the M67 and Mottram Moor with three crossing points.  The routes would be useful to commuter cyclists as well as for leisure purposes and spurs from the main route would provide potential for future schemes to link to the cycling network.



That the information provided be noted.


Clean Air

The Panel to receive a presentation from the Head of Environmental Services (Public Protection).


The Head of Environmental Services gave an update on Local Air Quality Management.


It was reported that a National Air Quality Plan had been published, which was currently out for consultation until 31 July 2017.  A joint Greater Manchester response was currently being prepared.  The main mandate for Local Authorities was to implement Clean Air Zones.  The plan contained a list of 38 authorities with one or more roads forecast to exceed nitrogen dioxide levels.  Seven Greater Manchester Local Authorities were on the list including Tameside for Park Parade, Ashton.


A Greater Manchester Clean Air Day was held on 15 June 2017 with a range of events across the conurbation requesting people to make a pledge to help improve air quality.  There was a large social media campaign and all Tameside Primary schools were contacted to take part in the event.  Gorse Hall Primary School produced a video on clean air and held a special assembly, which was attended by Councillor Gwynne and Ian Saxon.


The Panel was informed that the Greater Manchester Air Quality Action Plan included a review of all policies, plans and strategies related to air quality.  It identified three key performance indicators as follows:-


1.    Reduce Traffic

2.    Increase Efficiency

3.    Improve Fleet


A number of broad areas had also been identified including development management and planning regulation, freight and heavy goods vehicles, buses, cycling and cars.


In order to drive the plan a steering group had been created at senior management level comprising of representatives from planning, transport/highways, environmental health and public health with input from climate change and carbon reduction programmes, sustainability strategies, low emission strategies, procurement policies and education.


In response to Members questions it was confirmed that the plan would link in to planning and associated issues would be closely examined including the impact of traffic around the Borough.  A discussion ensued around electric cars and it was agreed that a report would be brought to a future meeting of the Panel.



(i)            That the information provided be noted; and

(ii)          That a report on electric cars be brought to a future meeting of the Panel.


Waste Services Update

The Panel to receive a presentation from the Head of Environmental Services (Waste Management).


The Waste Services Manager provided an update on waste services. 


The Panel were informed that the levels of recycling in Tameside continued to rise and the frequency of collections had increased over the past five years.  The service had adopted a three pronged approach; restricting access to landfill, education and enforcement.


Tameside had the third highest recycling rate in the North West and were expecting to have the second highest rate during 2017/18 with a target recycling rate of 60%.  There had been a 21.67% reduction in residual waste; there had been a 43% increase in glass and plastic recycling; there had been a 27.8% increase in paper and cardboard recycling and a 9.2% increase in garden and food recycling.  The recycling rate overall was above the baseline.


There had been a significant increase in FPNs with 450 FPNs issued throughout 2016 to date compared to 200 in 2015 and 160 in 2014.  The number of complaints the service received had reduced and there was an increased use of the ‘Waste App’ with the second stage of the App imminent.  The service had invested in the fleet and there were 22 new bin wagons across the Borough.



That the information provided be noted.


Urgent Items

To consider any additional items the Chair is of the opinion shall be dealt with as a matter of urgency.


There were no urgent items.