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Council and Democracy

Agenda and minutes

Venue: Lesser Hall 2 - Dukinfield Town Hall. View directions

Contact: Charlotte Forrest, Senior Democratic Services Officer on 0161 342 2346 or Email: charlotte.forrest@tameside.gov.uk 

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Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of interest from Members of the Panel.


There were no declarations of interest.


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The Minutes of the meeting of the Carbon and Waste Reduction Panel held on 7 September 2017 to be signed by the Chair as a correct record.


The Minutes of the proceedings of the Carbon and Waste Reduction Panel held on 7 September 2017 were agreed and signed by the Chair as a correct record.


Greater Manchester Projects Overview

The Panel to receive a presentation from the Head of Environmental Development.


The Head of Environmental Development gave a presentation on the Greater Manchester Low Carbon Programme.


It was reported that Greater Manchester’s Climate Change Strategy was produced in 2011, which set out high level priorities to reduce carbon emissions, spur low carbon economic transition, adapt to climate change and encourage greater carbon literacy by 2020.  An implementation plan was produced for 2012-2015 and an air quality strategy was produced by Transport for Greater Manchester in 2016.  Following a consultation, a Climate Change and Low Emissions Implementation Plan was produced for 2016-2020, which incorporated the main air quality actions.  The plan’s aims and objectives would be integrated into the development of the Greater Manchester Strategy and Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.


A number of projects and programmes were outlined including:-


·         Heat Network Developments

·         NEDO – Smart Communities

·         Smart Systems and Heat – Energy System Catapult

·         Non Domestic Energy Efficiency

·         Greater Manchester Green Deal and ECO Framework

·         Clean Air Zone

·         Sustainable Consumption and Production – Green Growth Programme

·         Sector and Skills

·         Natural Climate – Climate Resilience, Greater Manchester Pioneer City and LIFE Integrated Project


The Panel were notified that the Greater Manchester Mayor would be holding a Green Summit, scheduled for 21 March 2018 at the Manchester Central Convention Centre.



That the content of the presentation be noted.


Local Energy Advice Programme Update

The Panel to receive an update from the Environmental Development Officer.


The Environmental Development Officer updated the Panel on the Local Energy Advice Programme.


It was reported that since August 2017 65 referrals had been made into the scheme, 137 small measures had been installed including LED light bulbs, radiator panels and draught proofing, which had resulted in savings of approximately £2,000 for Tameside residents.  18 households had been referred on for larger measures such as cavity wall / loft installation or a new boiler and 4 households had new heating controls fitted.  Residents had also been assisted with switching tariff and income maximisation via the scheme.


The Panel were informed that events had been held to publicise the scheme and details of the scheme had been placed on the Council’s website and social media.  Leaflets had been distributed to partner organisations and Panel Members were provided with leaflets and posters.


The Environmental Development Officer was pleased to announce that the Greater Manchester Combined Authority had been successful in their bid for Warm Homes funding, which provided gas central heating systems.  The funding was applicable to properties in the 25% most deprived areas across Tameside that had no heating system.  The provider would be Cadent and Affordable Warmth Solutions with a value of £180 million over three years.  It was anticipated that each area would have 40 gas central heating systems and 10 air source heating systems installed.



That the information provided be noted.


Clean Energy Switch Update

The Panel to receive an update from the Project Support Officer.


The Project Support Officer gave an update on the Greater Manchester Big Clean Energy Switch, which was an initiative that the Greater Manchester Combined Authority was working on to encourage residents and businesses in Greater Manchester to switch to clean energy.


It was reported that there had been four switches in Tameside and residents had saved in-between £110 to £531 per year.  The average saving across Greater Manchester was over £300 per year.  The process of switching was a quick and easy process and Panel Members were provided with a step-by-step guide of how to switch on-line.


Panel Members commented that not everyone had access to computers and it was confirmed that the service was available over the telephone in addition to the online form.  Panel Members suggested that it would be beneficial to hold some events across the Borough to advertise the campaign and to display information in libraries.



That the information provided be noted.


Air Quality Update

The Panel to receive an update from the Environmental Services Manager.


The Environmental Services Manager provided an update on the government’s Air Quality Action Plan, Tameside’s Air Quality Steering Group and the National Clean Air Day.


With regards to the National Air Quality Plan, it was reported that the Plan had been published in July 2017 following a consultation.  The plan contained a list of 38 authorities with one or more roads forecast to exceed nitrogen dioxide levels.  Eight Greater Manchester Local Authorities were on the list including Tameside for a section of the A635 in Ashton-under-Lyne.  All of the Greater Manchester Local Authorities were working together with Transport for Greater Manchester to develop a plan that did not require a chargeable clean air zone.


The Panel were notified that a Tameside Air Quality Steering Group had been created at senior management level comprising of representatives from planning, transport / highways, environmental health, public health and communications with input from climate change and carbon reduction programmes, sustainability strategies, low emission strategies, procurement policies and education.   The group had met on two occasions and had developed a plan that was being actioned.


In relation to the National Clean Air Day, it was reported that the next event would be held on 21 June 2018.  Transport for Greater Manchester had a budget of £80,000 to spend on all aspects of the campaign and Local Authorities had been asked to provide suggestions for an interactive and proactive approach within their Boroughs.  Members were asked to feedback any suggestions they may have.


An elected member development session was being held at 6:00pm on Thursday 30 November 2017 on air quality.



That the information provided be noted.



The Panel to receive a presentation from the Head of Highways and Transport.


The Head of Highways and Transport gave a presentation on flood management.  There were two main pieces of legislation for flood risk management – Flood and Water Management Act 2010 and Land Drainage Act 1991.


A map was shown to the Panel, which outlined the main river and ordinary watercourses in Tameside.  Main rivers were the responsibility of the environment agency and the Local Authority was responsible for ordinary watercourses and groundwater flooding.  The Local Authority had shared responsibility with the Highway Authority for highway surface water and surface water from other sources.  Water supply companies had responsibility for water supply infrastructure and riparian owners (landowners with land adjoining, above or with a watercourse running though it) had certain rights and responsibilities.


It was reported that in the last 12 months there had been two significant flood events in Tameside.  In November 2016 the impact of the flood was focused on the East of the borough with parts of Mossley, Stalybridge and Hollingworth affected.  Three roads were closed, six flooding sites were recorded and 80 properties were affected.  The cost of investigating and repairing the damage had been estimated at £300,000 with works to roads, footpaths, bridges and bridleways required.


In September 2017 the flood impacted 8 properties on Micklehurst Road, Mossley, footpaths and bridges were affected and a culvert collapsed causing flooding at properties and on the highway.  The cost of investigating the damage caused had been estimated at £30,000 with works required to repair the culvert.


A series of photographs showing the impact of the flooding from the 2016 and 2017 events were shown to the Panel.


It was further reported that there were 48,000 gullies across the Borough and an average of 14,000 gully cleanses were undertaken each year.  Main roads were cleaned on an annual basis and side roads were cleaned bi-annually.



That the content of the presentation be noted.



The Panel to receive a presentation from the Assistant Director of Environmental Services.


The Assistant Director of Environmental Services gave a presentation on cycling initiatives across the Borough.


It was reported that in July 2017 Chris Boardman was appointed as the Greater Manchester Cycling and Walking Commissioner.  Tameside Council had requested his assistance to raise the profile of cycling in Tameside and to sign off the Highways England Designated Funds Scheme.


In March 2017 Highways England invited proposals for cycle scheme bids linked to the strategic road network.  Tameside bid for six schemes around the M67 and were awarded funding for four schemes with a value of £1.95 million.  A three year programme of works had been developed covering scheme feasibility, design and construction.


A Project Steering Group had been established between Tameside MBC and Sustrans, who had 40 years of National Cycle Network development.  The route options had been designed and would provide an alternative to using roads, which would be beneficial to new bike users.


A sequence of maps were shown and explained to the Panel, which detailed the proposed routes, as follows:-


1.    Hyde town centre to Newton for Hyde Station

2.    Mottram Rise Links and Harrop Edge Road

3.    Mottram to Hollingworth Link

4.    Hattersley roundabout to Mottram


The Panel were informed that in February 2017 Transport for Greater Manchester accepted a Tameside bid for £15,000 to improve cycle parking provision in three town centres.  Denton, Hyde and Stalybridge were selected following consultation.  It was confirmed that shelters and cycle stands had been procured and were awaiting installation in 2018.


It was explained that the Tameside Asset Management Plan – Improvement Programme, was an opportunity to install or improve cycling facilities during road resurfacing and re-lining works.  A budget of £20 million had been secured for improvements to be made to roads and footways in-between 2017 and 2021.  This equated to approximately 500 schemes.  A procedure had been introduced whereby each scheme was assessed for the potential of adding or improving existing cycle facilities.  To date, additional cycle facilities had been agreed for King Street, Dukinfield and Stockport Road, Denton


A detailed discussion ensued and Members commented that drivers needed to have increased awareness of cyclists and suggested that the Council work with schools to improve their cycle facilities.  It was confirmed that Council employees who used large good vehicles had been trained in cycle awareness and the Council had worked with Droyslden Academy and were currently working with West Hill on cycling facilities and cycle routes to schools.



That the content of the presentation be noted.


Waste Services Update

The Panel to receive an update from the Head of Waste Management.


The Head of Waste Management provided an update on waste services. 


The Panel were informed that the current recycling rate for Tameside was 60%, which was the third highest rate across Greater Manchester, and 10% above the National target for recycling.  6.47 tonnes of fly-tipping had been collected, the Waste Twitter account had 2150 followers and complaints continued to be low, however, there was a spike in October due to red tags, which were introduced as a temporary measure due to the rejection of 14 recycling loads in ten days due to contamination.  Communication would continue to be used to reinforce the message of using the correct bin to recycle waste.


With regard to the Waste PFI, it was confirmed that the contract with Viridor had terminated on 29 September 2017 and they would continue to provide a disposal service until 2019.  A new contract was being written and a new supplier was being sought for April 2019.


Members enquired about businesses responsibilities towards recycling.  It was confirmed that businesses had a legal duty to dispose of their waste and a series of clean up action days had been arranged concerning Duty of Care, the details of which would be shared with Members in due course.



That the information provided be noted.


Urgent Items

To consider any additional items the Chair is of the opinion shall be dealt with as a matter of urgency.


There were no urgent items.