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Strategic Planning and Capital Monitoring Panel

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Information about Strategic Planning and Capital Monitoring Panel


When sitting as a Strategic Planning and Capital Project Monitoring Panel, the Membership shall be comprised of 9 Members including the Chair and Deputy of Speakers Panel (Planning) and the Chair of the Carbon & Waste Reduction Panel.


One Chair and one Deputy Chair shall be appointed from the Controlling Group.


The quorum shall be three Members.

Terms of Reference

The Strategic Planning and Capital Project Monitoring Panel, appointed by the Council, and comprised of all its Members, shall have delegated powers to deal with the following:-


Capital Monitoring Project


1.         To be kept aware of the latest developments regarding the Council’s capital programme;

2.         To identify where intervention in schemes may be required to ensure best outcomes are achieved;

3.         To receive regular monitoring reports on specific capital schemes;

4.         To request attendance from budget holders (service managers and project managers) and Executive Members to explain variations;

5.         To request that specifications for capital projects are brought to the group for scrutiny;

6.         To recommend areas for further consideration; and

7.         To make recommendations to Executive Cabinet and Council as to Capital projects and Capital expenditure.



Within the framework of Council Policy, and having regard to the Development Plan, Local Development Documents, other planning guidance and development briefs approved by the Council, the Panel shall exercise the Council's functions relating to town & country planning & development control, the protection of important hedgerows, the preservation of trees and the regulation of high hedges set out in the Local Authorities (Functions & Responsibilities)(England) Regulations 2000 (as amended). Most of these functions are delegated to the Speakers (Planning) committee and then onwards to the Executive Director or Head of Planning but the following are reserved to the Strategic Planning and Capital Monitoring Panel

1.         applications for Large Scale Major Development, defined from time to time by DCLG. Currently this includes:

-       residential developments of 200 dwellings or more, or 4 ha or more;

-       10,000 square metres or more, or 2ha.or more of retail, commercial or industrial or other floorspace.

2.         Smaller scale major applications contrary to Development Plan Policy;

3.         All significant applications which would depart from Green Belt policy shall be referred to the Strategic Planning and Capital Monitoring Panel for determination. ‘Significant' will be defined by the Executive Leader and Chief Executive or their nominees;

4.         Planning applications for major minerals (mining/quarrying) development;

5.         Planning applications for waste disposal development;

6.         applications requiring Environmental Impact Assessments

7.         applications involving a significant departure from policy which a Planning Committee is minded to approve;

8.         determination of Highway orders relating to strategic matters, which are the subject of objections received during the public consultation process.

9.         applications referred from Planning Committee; or

10.      any other matters which have strategic implications by reason of their scale, nature or location.

11.      Any other applications that raise important issues which the Director or Head of Planning considers should be determined by the Panel; or

12.      any other matters referred up to it at the discretion of the Director or Head of Planning.