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Speakers Panel (Licensing)

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Information about Speakers Panel (Licensing)

The Council will appoint a Speakers Panel (Licensing) to discharge its quasi-judicial and regulatory functions of Licensing pursuant to Schedule 1 of the Local Authorities (Functions and Responsibilities) (England) Regulations 2000 except Liquor Licensing as set out in the Licensing Act 2000 (as amended).


One Chair and One Deputy Chair.


The Quorum for Speakers Panel (Licensing) shall be not less than three members.

Terms of Reference

(Within the framework of Council policy)

1.         To issue, refuse, vary, suspend, revoke, make standard conditions and/or make specific conditions, with regard to all licences, (other than liquor licences), registrations and permits where the Executive Director - Economy and Environment has determined not to exercise her delegated powers;

2.         To vary licensing fees of individual applications;

3.         On the application of an aggrieved party, to review any decision of the Executive Director - Economy and Environment acting in conjunction with the Proper Officer for the registration of births, deaths and marriages etc., in accordance with the Marriage Act 1949 (as amended by the Marriage Act 1994) and the Marriages (Approved Premises) Regulations 1995.