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Health and Wellbeing Board

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Information about Health and Wellbeing Board

The strategic priorities of the Tameside Health and Wellbeing Board are to:-


·                Improve the health and wellbeing of local residents throughout life;

·                Give targeted support to those with poor health to enable their health to improve faster;

·                Focus on prevention and early intervention;

·                Develop cost effective solutions and innovative services through improved efficiency;

·                Emphasise local action and responsibility for everyone;

·                Deliver more joined up services that meet local need; and

·                Enable and ensure public involvement in improving health and wellbeing.


The terms of reference for the Tameside Health and Wellbeing Board are:-


1.         Assess the needs of the population through the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment;

2.         Agree and produce a Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy to address needs, which commissioners will need to have regard to in developing commissioning plans for health care, social care and public health;

3.         Promote joint commissioning;

4.         Promote integrated provision, joining up social care, public health and NHS services with wider local authority services;

5.         Engage in the development of Clinical Commissioning Group commissioning plans;

6.         Provide advice to the NHS Commissioning Board in authorising and assuring Clinical Commissioning Groups;

7.         Continue policy focus on patient choice, quality and growing the role of the independent/voluntary sectors.

8.         Pursuant to sub-section 196(3) of the HSCA, the Health and Wellbeing Board may give the Council its opinion on whether the Council is discharging its duty under section 116B of the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act (Duty to have regard to Assessments and Strategies).


The Health and Wellbeing Board members consists of:


Core Statutory Membership


·                Executive Leader (Chair)

·                Executive Member (Children and Families)

·                Executive Member (Health, Social Care and Population Health)

·                Executive Member (Housing, Planning and Employment)

·                Chair of Clinical Commissioning Group

·                Chief Operating Officer, Clinical Commissioning Group

·                Healthwatch Representative

·                Director of Adults Services

·                Director of Children’s Services

·                Director of Population Health


Additional Membership


·                Partnership Lead, Clinical Commissioning Group

·                Supportive Communities Board Representative

·                Prosperous Tameside Board Representive

·                Crime and Disorder Partnership Board Representative

·                Chair of Children’s Safeguarding Board

·                Chair of Adult’s Safeguarding Board

·                Tameside NHS Foundation Trust Representative

·                Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust Representative

·                Stockport NHS Foundation Trust Representative

·                Active Tameside Representative

·                Tameside Adult Safeguarding Board Representative