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Place and External Relations Scrutiny Panel

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Information about Place and External Relations Scrutiny Panel

The Place and External Relations Scrutiny Panel has responsibility for considering all elements of Council policies in relation to the economy of Tameside, the environment, the provision of engineering and transport services, and environmental health.  The Panel gives consideration to all of these areas with the view of making Tameside a more prosperous place, and a centre for new business and innovation.


The Panel is also responsible for scrutinising key external partners and relations in Tameside, including the Police, Fire and Probation services, as well as Registered Social Landlords.  Ensuring that the Council maintains positive and effective working relationships with all of these partners is key to creating a safer, more supportive and prosperous place for all.


This Scrutiny Panel will undertake reviews of the most pressing issues in Tameside, and regularly monitor the work undertaken by the key services that the Council and external partners provide.


You can browse the Scrutiny Review reports for this Panel, as well as all previous Scrutiny Panels here.