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Integrated Care and Wellbeing Scrutiny Panel

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Information about Integrated Care and Wellbeing Scrutiny Panel

The Integrated Care and Wellbeing Scrutiny Panel has responsibility for considering a large remit within Tameside, including the local National Health Service Trusts, Public Health, the Health and Wellbeing Board and the upcoming Care Together scheme.  It also has responsibility for Adult and Children’s Services, Education and Schools. This Panel is the only democratically elected body with a statutory function to carry out scrutiny of the Health Services in Tameside.


Scrutiny of local NHS Trusts was introduced from May 2001 as part of the Government's Patient and Public Participation Agenda.  In Tameside, Health Scrutiny is aimed at improving people's health by looking at the quality, performance, accessibility and outcome of NHS services in the Borough. This is achieved by meeting staff from the major healthcare services, and undertaking cross-cutting, thematic scrutiny exercises and service reviews, looking at the outcome of health and social care provision to all the people of Tameside.


The Panel will strive to improve the situations and the health and wellbeing of residents across the Tameside by undertaking in-depth reviews of the priority issues in the borough, and by regularly monitoring the work undertaken by the key service Health and People services.


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