Committee details

Speakers Panel (Planning)

Purpose of committee


The Speakers Panel shall comprise of a maximum of 14 Members, but when sitting as an appeals panel shall comprise of a lesser number, and convene as and when necessary.


One Chair and one Deputy from the Controlling Group.


The Quorum of the Speakers Panel (Planning) shall be not less than three Members.

Terms of Reference

The Speakers Panel, appointed by the Council, and comprising up to 14 Members, shall have delegated powers to deal with the following:-

(a) Planning

Within the framework of Council Policy, and having regard to the Development Plan, Local Development Documents, other planning guidance and development briefs approved by the Council, and other than those items which are within the terms of reference of the Strategic Planning and Capital Monitoring Panel the Speakers Panel (Planning) shall:-

1.         consider planning applications 'called in' by Councillors but not contrary to the Development Plan policy;

2.         consider planning applications made on behalf of members or their immediate families, or by senior officers;

3.         consider planning applications made by (or on behalf of) the Council, except those of a minor of routing nature, as long as they are determined in accordance with the adopted policies of the Council;

4.         consider any other planning applications that raise important issues which the Director or Head of Service considers should be determined by the Panel

5.         consider and determine applications for permission required under legislation relating to control of advertisements, tree and building preservation and conservation, hazardous substances consent, and Building Regulations, and to authorise the making of Orders and Agreements and the issue of Notices in connection with building control, trees and listed buildings. All significant applications which would depart from Green Belt policy shall be referred to Strategic Planning and Capital Monitoring Panel for determination. 'Significant' will be defined by Chair and Deputy of the Panel and the Head of Planning, or in default of their agreement, by the Executive Leader and Chief Executive;

6.         authorise in association with the granting of planning permission, the closure, diversion, creation or alteration of public highways and the making of Traffic Regulation Orders;

7.         exercise, in association with the granting of planning permission, and whenever appropriate the Council's statutory powers, with specific regard to the making up of private streets to enable development to take place, at the expense of the developer, or the frontagers unless determined otherwise by the Full Council.

8.         to determine applications for the implementation of Gating Orders under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 where objections have been received from persons or groups other than the statutory bodies defined in that Act.

A Panel of Members drawn from the Membership of the Speakers Panel shall have delegated power to deal with the following:-

(b) Housing

To determine requests from residents affected by Inspection Programmes to be included in a Renewal Area that the Council purchases their properties in advance of any Clearance Area, such determination to be within budgetary constraints and criteria agreed by the Cabinet;

(c) Education Services

1.         The determination of appeals against the decisions of the Director (Children’s Services) relating to educational visits in this country and abroad or where hazardous activities are involved;

2.         The determination of appeals against the decision of the Director (Children’s Services) to refuse an application for discretionary award to a student in further and higher education;

3.         the determination of appeals against the decision of the Director (Children’s Services) in respect of the level of financial assistance to be made to students in further and higher education.

(d) Highways Matters

The determination of Orders relating to strategic matters which are the subject of objections received during the public consultation process.

(e)  Adult Services

1.         Together with the Executive Member (Adult Social Care and Population Health) to hear and determine representations made under the Registered Homes Act 1984.

2.         To hear and determine appeals against a decision of the Director (Adults Services) to withhold access to files.


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