Committee details

Speakers Panel (Liquor Licensing)

Purpose of committee


The Speakers Panel (Liquor Licensing) will comprise of 3 members.


One Chair from the Controlling Group and one Deputy Chair.


The Quorum for Speakers Panel (Liquor Licensing) shall be not less than three members.

Terms of Reference

The Speakers Panel (Liquor Licensing), appointed by Council, shall have delegated powers within the framework of Council Policy and pursuant to schedule 1 of the Local Authorities (Functions and Responsibilities) (England) Regulations 2000, as set out in the Licensing Act 2003 (as amended) and Gambling Act 2005, to deal with the following:-

1.         to determine, vary, review and transfer Premises Licences;

2.         to review a Premises Licence following a Closure Order issued by the police and the exercise of powers by a Magistrates' Court;

3.         to vary the details of an individual specified in a Premises Licence as the designated Premises Supervisor;

4.         to determine applications for, and renewal of, Personal Licences;

5.         to determine, vary and review Club Premises Certificates;

6.         to determine a Provisional Statement;

7.         the conversion of existing Licences and Club Registration Certificates during the period of transition;

8.         the grant of Personal Licences to the holder of an existing Justices' Licence during the period of transition;

9.         the cancellation of an Interim Authority Notice following a police objection;

10.      to review individual Personal Licences when convictions come to light after the grant or renewal of a Personal Licence;

11.      to issue Counter Notices following a police objection to a Temporary Event Notice;

12.      to determine Licences relating to the provision of pavement cafes within the Borough;

13.      to determine applications for premises licences for the following activities: bingo; betting; adult gaming centres; family entertainment centres; casinos; horse racing and dog tracks;

14.      to determine permits for: gaming machines in alcohol licensed premises; gamine machines for members clubs; other gaming activities in members clubs; category D machines in unlicensed family entertainment centres; and prize gaming; and

15.      to register and issue: small society lotteries; occasional and temporary use notices; and provisional statements.


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