Referendum results for Borough-Wide

EU Referendum - Thursday, 23rd June, 2016

Result of the EU Referendum 2016

Borough-Wide - results
Vote option Votes %
Leave the European Union 67829 61%
Remain a member of the European Union 43118 39%
Voting Summary
Details Number
Total votes 110947
Electorate 168047
Number of ballot papers issued 111016
Number of proxy votes 851
Number of ballot papers rejected 69
Number of postal votes sent 37160
Number of postal votes returned 31242
Turnout 66%
Share of the votes (%)
Candidate name Vote percentage
Leave the European Union 61%
Candidate name Vote percentage
Remain a member of the European Union 39%
Rejected ballot papers
Being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty50
Writing or mark by which voter could be identified5
Voting for both answers to the question14
Total rejected69