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Council and Democracy

Meeting attendance

Thursday, 9th January, 2020 3.30 pm, Greater Manchester Pension Fund - Local Pensions Board

Venue:   Guardsman Tony Downes House, Manchester Road, Droylsden, M43 6SF

Contact:    Louis Garrick, Senior Democratic Services Officer
0161 342 3049 or Email: Louis.Garrick@tameside.gov.uk

Meeting attendance
Attendee Role Attendance
Councillor Bill Fairfoull Chair Present
Jayne Hammond Committee Member Present
Chris Goodwin Committee Member Present
Pat Catterall Committee Member Present
Mr David Schofield Committee Member Present
Michael Cullen Committee Member Present
Paul Taylor Committee Member Present
Catherine Lloyd Committee Member Present
Councillor Gerald Cooney Committee Member Present
Mr Mark Rayner Committee Member Apologies
Councillor Janet Cooper Committee Member Apologies
Sandra Stewart Officer In attendance
Euan Miller Officer In attendance
Emma Mayall Officer In attendance
Adrian Aguilera Officer In attendance
Christine Weston Officer In attendance
Abigail Stanton Officer Expected
Eric Gill Officer Expected
Tracey Boyle Officer Expected
Tom Wilkinson Officer Expected
Paddy Dowdall Officer Expected
Dyfrig Lewis-Smith Officer Expected
Wendy Poole Officer Expected
Steven Taylor Officer Expected
Claire Mathieson Officer Expected
John Douglas Officer Expected
Tom Harrington Officer Expected
Victoria Plackett Officer Expected
Rima Begum Officer Expected