Committee details

Place and External Relations Scrutiny Panel

Purpose of committee

The Place and External Relations Scrutiny Panel has responsibility for considering policy linked to Tameside’s economy, environment, housing and the provision of place-based services within the Council’s Place Directorate.


The Panel is also responsible for scrutinising key external partners in Tameside, with the addition of a statutory responsibility, set by legislation, to review and consider local strategic arrangements, partnerships and outcomes specific to the planning and discharge made by responsible authorities of their crime and disorder functions. For this purpose, Tameside Council and Greater Manchester Police.


Work of this nature will seek to ensure that the Council maintains positive and effective working relationships with partners to create a safer, more supportive and prosperous place for all.


You can browse the Scrutiny Review reports for this Panel, as well as all previous Scrutiny Panels here.




Contact information

Support officer: Georgia Latham, Scrutiny Manager or Tom Hoghton, Policy & Strategy Service Manager. 0161 342 5664 / Email: or 0161 342 5082 or

Postal address:
Tameside One
Market Place

Phone: 0161 342 5664